What is a New Global Normal Chapter?

A chapter is a youth-led group of students who work to carry out New Global Normal’s mission in their local communities. Chapters organise activities and events that promote intercultural communication and engagement locally, collaborate with other New Global Normal chapters, and engage with the global NGN community through online networks and events.​

Why Should I Start a Chapter?

To tackle any global issue is to engage in intercultural dialogue. The climate emergency, geopolitical crises, systemic poverty, the pandemic; intercultural communication is the lifeblood that enables us to address these challenges. 

All systemic change begins with local action. Importantly, intercultural communication and active global citizenship are learned skills. Engaging thoughtfully across different cultural contexts, actively exposing ourselves to perspectives and experiences different to our own, and practising cultural humility: these actions allow us to meaningfully and consciously engage with the world around us as active global citizens. By establishing a New Global Normal chapter, you join the movement to unite a divided world and begin a conversation in your local community about the importance and value of intercultural communication and active global citizenship.

What Support Do I Get?

Affiliated chapters are members of New Global Normal, giving exclusive access to the following:

  • Endorsement to run organisation-endorsed and branded student chapter in the school or university of application.
  • Access to chapter-specific subpage on the organisation’s website to showcase chapter activities and programming.
  • Access to online subscriptions held by the organisation
  • Access to New Global Normal’s online community platform.
  • Free entrance to all NGN events.
  • Exclusive access to inter-chapter NGN events coordinated by the organisation, including a yearly virtual symposium.
  • Support and advice on chapter activities and programming provided by the organisation.
  • Access to organisation-exclusive promotional merchandise, including t-shirts, wristbands, stickers, and flyers.

What Do I Need To Start a Chapter?

Yourself! To start a chapter, all we ask is that you fill in our interest form and a member of our team will be in touch with the next steps!

How Do I Get Started?

There are three stages to starting and maintaining an NGN chapter: registration of interest, affiliation, and re-affiliation.

Running a Chapter: The Process

Registration of interest

Submit the application form to register your interest in starting an NGN chapter. After submitting the initial form, a call will be arranged between the applicant and a member of New Global Normal. The call will cover steps to affiliate, your ideas and vision for your NGN chapter, and provide space for you to ask any questions.


Submit chapter bylaws, a signed agreement to the terms and conditions of membership to New Global Normal, a list of committee members and proof of permission to operate in your school / university from the relevant administration. These documents shall be submitted via the affiliation form.


Each year we require chapters to re-affiliate. This allows us to keep track of chapter progress and ensure that chapters are operating smoothly. To re-affiliate, we require the submission of chapter bylaws, an up-to-date list of committee members, and an annual report. These documents shall be submitted via the re- affiliation form.

Register your interest now through our chapter interest form.

Affilation Status



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