Code of Conduct

1. Purpose
(i) This policy is set out to guide both Voting and Non-Voting members, and Directors in what are considered to be appropriate and inappropriate behaviours.
(i) The guidance may be used by NGN staff and Directors in carrying out their duties as appropriate.
(ii) Specifically, it forms the main basis of decisions being taken in accordance with NGN’s Articles, Centralised By Laws and Bespoke By Laws on refusal of new membership applications, and the disaffiliation and suspension of existing members.

2. Scope
(i) This code applies to all current Voting and Non-Voting Members and provides guidance for prospective members looking to join NGN.
(ii) It also applies to all current volunteers, funders and partners, and provides guidance to all prospective volunteers, funders and partners looking to join NGN.
(iii) It applies to all current staff and volunteers, including Directors and elected members, contractors or other authorised representatives of the above, and provides guidance to all interested individuals looking to join or work alongside or partner with NGN.

3. Basis of Code
(i) The code is based upon NGN’s mission, strategic plan, ethos and aims.

4. The Code
(i) Members and Directors should act to fulfil their objects and/or good causes and not for personal, private, or other organisational gain.
(ii) Members and Directors should act openly in terms of governance and constitutional standing and proactively updating and working with Directors,
altering them to any significant changes.
(iii) Members and Directors should proactively engage with fellow members and individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Where reasonable and appropriate, they should go further and help raise awareness of the importance of intercultural communication and global citizenship.
(iv) Members and Directors should support purposeful engagement and foster meaningful connections with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. This means that the governance and decision making should consider the views and perspectives of individuals from different cultural backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
(v) Members and Directors should seek to share understanding and learning and encourage cultural curiosity in students; not to keep the fruits of intercultural communication and formation of ideas to themselves solely for commercial, reputational or other organisational gain.
(vi) Members and Directors should seek inclusion, and work to actively to address discrimination, and foster an environment where individuals from different races, religions and beliefs can come together and share their own perspectives and experiences.
(vii) Members and Directors should engender trust in their behaviours; not act with dishonesty, lack of integrity or compassion, nor be aggressively competitive or dominant.
(viii) Members and Directors should lead all of the above behaviours across the organisation; tackling breaches actively, not hiding or excusing poor conduct.
(ix) Members and Directors understand and acknowledge that becoming affiliated with extremist political parties, and/or hold extremist views which in the reasonable opinion of the Directors could damage the reputation of NGN; and
(x) Members and Directors acknowledge and understand that NGN is strictly not a faith-based and/or political organisation. NGN, alongside its Chapters are legally obligated to remain non-religious and non-partisan. NGN, alongside its Chapters,will only undertake political lobbying or campaigning if this:
(i) is legitimate and a valuable activity for NGN to undertake and crucially it
supports the delivery of NGN’s purposes;
(ii) does not become the sole activity of NGN;
(iii) is actioned in order for a change in the law, policy or decisions where such change would support NGN’s purposes; and/or
(iv) would ensure that existing laws are observed;

For the avoidance of doubt, NGN will not exist for a political purpose, which is any purpose directed at furthering the interests of any political party, or securing or opposing a change in the law, policy or decisions either in the United Kingdom or abroad. Before considering campaigning and political activity, the Chapters must inform and have the majority voting decision in favour from the Directors of NGN who must carefully weigh up the possible benefits against the costs and risks in deciding whether the campaign is likely to be an effective way of furthering or supporting NGN’s purposes. When undertaking any political lobbying or campaigning, NGN, alongside its Chapters, must ensure:
(i) it has fact checked any campaign materials, mindful that campaigns may use emotive or controversial language, where this is lawful and justifiable in the context of the campaign. The Directors of NGN must be satisfied that all campaigning materials are factually accurate and have a legitimate evidence base;
(ii) in the political arena, it will stress its independence and ensure that any involvement it has with political parties is balanced;
(iii) it will not give support or funding to a political party, nor to a candidate or politician;
(iv) it will not be used as a vehicle for the expression of the political views of any individual director or staff member; and
(v) it will comply with any applicable civil and criminal laws that may apply, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

(xiv) Members, Directors and Chapter Committees acknowledge and understand they will not carry out mission of NGN such that it purposively excludes a group from reasonably participating;
(xv) Members, Directors and Chapter Committees will commit to make NGN deliver its mission in an equitable and accessible manner;
(xvi) Members, Directors and Chapter Committees will commit to adopting a bottom-up (rather than top-down) approach for youth empowerment;
(xvii) Members, Directors and Chapter Committees will comply with all local and (where relevant) and international laws;
(xviii) Members, Directors and Chapter Committees will ensure they operate with transparency and all information will endeavour be conveyed in timely manner to stakeholders or members of the wider public (where relevant); and
(xix) Chapter Committees will conduct regular evaluation of social impact of activities and respond reasonably to feedback from key stakeholders as well as to NGN Members and Directors.

5. NGN reserves the rights to:
(i) NGN reserves the right to:
(a) refuse application for membership and Directorship, both at the company level and also at the Chapter, supporter and partner level if they consider that it would be in the best interests of NGN to do so. The applicant will be provided with reasons for the refusal in writing and must be given the opportunity to respond in writing to the decision. The
Directors shall consider any such written response and shall inform the applicant in writing of their decision, which shall be final; and
(b) terminate existing membership with immediate effect by written notice if the member is found to be in breach of any of this Code of Conduct.
(c) Where any existing Supporter Member or Partnership Member materially breaches the By Laws, Bespoke By Laws and/or the Code of Conduct during the course of their membership year and as decided by a majority vote of the Directors following a physical or Virtual meeting, or by way of a unanimous written resolution, and further provided the process of suspension and disaffiliation of an existing Chapter has been exhausted pursuant to the relevant By Law, the Directors will provide a prorated refund of their membership fees.

6. NGN commits in return to:
(i) Deliver support and services to our members in pursuit of its objects and strategic aims, in an open, professional and equitable manner; not for personal, private, or other organisational gain;
(ii) act at all times in accordance with our published mission statement, ethos and value;
(iii) treat all Members equally and without discrimination;
(iv) be transparent and accountable to Members; and
(v) handle feedback, complaints or grievances from members in a professional manner, in accordance with its policies and procedures, with a view to continuous improvement. Where NGN has acted in error we will be honest, apologise and seek to remedy the situation wherever possible.

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