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Intercultural Understanding

The United Nations defines global citizenship as “the belief that individuals are members of multiple, diverse, local and non-local networks rather than single actors affecting isolated societies”. At New Global Normal, active global citizenship is the conscious and purposeful practice of this definition in our day-to-day lives.

Intercultural understanding is a key element of active global citizenship. At New Global Normal, we distill intercultural understanding into three attributes: 

Cultural humility is when we are conscious of how our own culture and experiences shape the ways we engage with the world. It tasks us to challenge preconceived notions, practice reflexivity (be self-aware), and to be open to engaging with different perspectives.

Cultural curiosity is marked by a desire to learn, understand and expose ourselves to cultural backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that differ from those familiar to us.

Cultural awareness is the knowledge we have of different cultures, customs, experiences, histories, values, and perspectives amassed through authentic interaction (either online or offline) with people or materials from these cultures. Cultural awareness tasks us to explore the historical events, traditions, societal norms and ideas that shape a culture.


The idea of ‘culture’ is not to box individuals into impenetrable groups; rather, it is to give verbiage to the ways in which our histories, traditions, and more grant us unique worldviews. At New Global Normal, we recognise the complex and uniquely malleable nature of culture through our venn diagram definition:

Sustainable Development Goal 17

SDG 17 emphasises the importance of cooperation amongst diverse stakeholders to achieve all other SDGs.

This SDG is all about collaborating meaningfully across cultures to solve global issues. Intercultural understanding is the foundation of SDG 17. Intercultural understanding promotes meaningful cross-cultural dialogue by bridging between cultural divides and harnessing the power of our multicultural world. New Global Normal actively contributes to SDG 17 by laying the foundations for stronger global partnerships through youth leadership and engagement.

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