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Interested in joining New Global Normal? You can get involved in New Global Normal as a chapter, individual or partner!

Committee Members

Introduce your chapter’s committee to the world! Here, you can add key information about your committee members to list on the website

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Showcase your chapter’s wonderful achievements! Your chapter ‘stories’ can be past events or activities you have held, key developments in your chapter that you would like to share, or any other news/information that you want to showcase! 

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Access key resources here.

Intercultural Dialogue Worksheets
NGN Logos
Meeting Minutes Template
Chapter Handbook


New Magazine
March 10, 2024

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Check your chapter affiliation status, access our re-affiliation form, and receive key information on your membership to New Global Normal! 

Renew Affiliations

Every chapter is required to re-affiliate to maintain their membership to New Global Normal. Re-affiliation takes place on a yearly basis. The re-affiliation period runs between June 1st and July 20th of every year. During this time, all chapters must submit the chapter re-affiliation form. The chapter re-affiliation form may be submitted by any committee member on behalf of the chapter, or by a supervising teacher/school administrator. The following documents are required to successfully re-affiliated: 
  • An up-to-date list of committee members
    • Download and fill out the following document, listing any committee members and (if applicable) supervising teachers of your chapter
  • A copy of the chapter bylaws
    • This is an up-to-date copy of your chapter’s bespoke by laws. The By-Laws should be signed by either the President of the Chapter or a supervising member of staff on behalf of the chapter.
  • Signed agreement to the terms and conditions of membership to New Global Normal
    • This is a signed agreement to our company’s governing documents. This should be signed by either the President or a supervising member of staff on behalf of the chapter.
  • Annual report
    • This is a one to two-page report that consists of five key sections:
      • Committee statement: this is a short statement from your committee (max 250 words) that should summarise your chapter’s key successes, hurdles, and developments during the year.
      • Financial Activities: this is a list of any funded events or activities held during the year that were funded either via New Global Normal or externally. For each funded event/activity, please write your funding source, how much money you received, and what the money was used for. For any NGN-funded events/activities, please also attach links to spreadsheets submitted to the funding request and review forms.
      • Chapter Programming: this is a list of every event or activity that you held. Please write a short (50-100 word) description of each event/activity
      • Key Successes: Write the biggest achievements of your chapter that you feel proud of!
      • Key Learning Experiences: Think about the obstacles that your chapter faced this year. What were these challenges? How did you face them? What would you do differently? How would you improve the chapter from this experience?
      • Goals For Next Year: write 2-3 key goals you want to accomplish next year! If you are not in the committee next year, then write ideas for goals that the incoming committee members could use to help them get thinking!


Have questions? Want to learn from others running NGN chapters? Ask away in our exclusive forum space only open to chapter committee members!

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Your chapter was successfully (re-)affiliated as a member of New Global Normal until 31/07/2025.

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