NGN X DALCC Youth Caucus: Intercultural Communication in the Digital Landscape

Join New Global Normal and Democrats Abroad Lion City Youth Caucus this Saturday as we discuss intercultural communication in the digital landscape.

New Global Normal is partnering with DALCC to deliver an online panel discussion this Saturday, September 23 at GMT +08:00.

“It is of no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way that we communicate with one another; since November 2019, 219 million cases of Coronavirus have been reported worldwide, leading to an unprecedented change in global movement and a rise in digital communication. As the world grapples with a pandemic, strained global relations, the worsening climate crisis and much more, intercultural communication has become all the more pressing. Why is cross-cultural dialogue so important? How can we ensure that our communication is held to the highest standard? Our global panel of youth hopes to give insight into this topic.”

All are welcome to join – you can RSVP to the event here:

We are so thrilled to be a part of this important discussion with youth worldwide!

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