The Covid-19 Crisis in India: How You Can Help

Family members of COVID patients wait to take cylinders filled with oxygen in India. Retrieved From:

Covid-19 is currently devastating India, with its healthcare system stretched beyond capacity as the country faces a deadly surge in infections. The New Global Normal team is committed to global citizenship; as global citizens, we recognise the need for an international Covid response that rises above our borders. We are urging the international community to direct resources to India. As individuals, there are various means of providing help: we have compiled a list of ways you can contribute below.

  1. Donate to Mission Oxygen, a campaign working to help hospitals across India get access to oxygen concentrators. Share the link to the fundraising page:
  2. Donate to the Hemkunt Foundation. The foundation is currently distributing oxygen cylinders to Covid-19 patients for free. Share the link to donate here:
  3. Donate to Making the Difference in its effort to deliver medical supplies to hospitals across India. Donate here:
  4. Donate to Breathe India, a fundraiser seeking donations to distribute oxygen concentrators across India. Donate here:
  5. Governments across the world are under increasing pressure to send aid to India. After heavy criticism for blocking the export of raw materials for vaccines, the United States has agreed to lift these restrictions for India. China, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the EU have all extended offers of help, but it is up to us to keep our governments accountable. We must implore world leaders to remember with urgency that the pandemic isn’t over anywhere until it is over everywhere, and to donate resources to India’s Covid-19 relief efforts. Demand the end of localist pandemic responses and vaccine nationalism to your country’s officials.

New Global Normal reiterates its call for a united global response to the pandemic. It is time for us to rise above our differences and work together as singular species to combat Covid-19.

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