Announcing New Global Normal’s First Open Forum

Calling all with an open mind keen to participate in a global discussion for a better world.

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We are excited to announce our first ever virtual event: the New Global Normal Open Forum.


Key Details

What: A virtual open forum, led by the New Global Normal team.

When: 28 April 12:00-12:45PM UTC.

Where: ZOOM call. RSVP here.

Who: Anyone interested in connecting with a global community to discuss culture, cooperation, share experiences, and more.

How: RSVP on our Facebook page. No need for preparation: all you need are your perspectives and a willingness to challenge and be challenged!

What is it?

The New Global Normal open forum is a recurring virtual ZOOM event. Each forum is themed around a discussion topic that is lead by a member of our team. Our first forum’s topic is: What can we learn from different countries’ pandemic responses?

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a platform where people from all corners of the world can come together, learn from each other’s experiences, and think critically about how our world can cooperate to create a ‘new global normal’.

We will share the main takeaways from our discussion afterwards on our website, blog and social media platforms.

What’s it for?

New Global Normal’s mission is to unite a divided world. This is a big task; we are thinking in small steps. Key to creating a new global normal is encouraging communication and collective learning across cultural, political and geographic divides. Our forum is a space where people can engage with perspectives, experiences and opinions outside of their regular ‘bubbles’. In a time where travel is restricted, communication is more important than ever.

There is constant talk of going ‘back to normal’. But if our ‘old normal’ led us here in the first place, then why should we return to it? This pandemic is the first test as a globalised world that we have had to act as a singular species and rise above our differences, and use this diversity to our advantage. If there is anytime when we have an opportunity to pave a new trajectory for our species, it is now.

Our forum is the beginning of this conversation.

When is it?

Our first forum will be held on Wednesday, 28th April at 12:00-12:45PM Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

Who can join?

Anyone! All we are looking for are those with an open mind keen to participate in a discussion with a diverse set of voices.

How can I join?

RVSP on our Facebook page. Our Facebook event has information on how you can access the meeting. At the time of the forum, enter our room and a member of our team will let you in!

Meeting Details:
Meeting ID: 938 4633 0913
Passcode: 8reXkk

Do I need to prepare anything?

Not at all! If you would like, you are welcome to prepare points that you would like to share – but we are not expecting any preparation. The forum will be guided by a member of our team ready to facilitate a meaningful discussion based on thoughts, perspectives and experiences.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts at our forum next Wednesday! In the meantime, if you have any questions please do get in contact with a member of our team.

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